I Want to Book a Tour:

Please visit the On Site Tours page of the website for tour information and scheduling – https://www.singlevisioninc.org/visiting-with-us/on-site-tours/.

Can You Send Me Directions?:

For contact information and directions visit the Contact Us page – https://www.singlevisioninc.org/contact/.

I Want to Do What You Do, How Do I Get Started?:

Every state has different requirements for owning exotic animals.  REMINDER: exotic animals NEVER make good pets.  This is a very hard road.  Carl started by working at SeaWorld, then another small zoo in Orlando until he found a small private facility with the big cats to gain experience.  He did a lot of volunteering and that is how he became licensed to do what he does.  He is licensed through Florida Fish and Wildlife as well as the USDA.  It takes time, money and licenses to get where we are.  Also, do not expect to make money, this is for education.

How Can I Make a Donation?:

Thank you for wanting to contribute.  Feel free to donate using our website at www.singlevisioninc.org/donate or you can mail other types of donations to us at:

Carl Bovard
8185 Forest Hills Road
Melrose, FL  32666

How Do I Become a Volunteer?:

Thank you for thinking of volunteering.  We ask that anyone wanting to  volunteer, schedule a tour and at that time you can see what we are all  about and discuss volunteering with our Director Carl – https://www.singlevisioninc.org/become-a-volunteer/.

How Do I Setup a Field Trip for a Large Group?:

Please call or text Carl at 904-377-7993 to schedule school groups or other large groups.  Please understand that Carl is constantly outside improving Single Vision or working with the animals thus not always able to answer the phone.  If you leave him a message he will generally get back to you within 48 hours.  Please call from a number that you would like to be called back at and please call during normal business hours of 9am – 5pm.

What Are the Best Items to Bring for a Donation?:

Generally produce is the most helpful and fun donation to bring at the time of your tour.  Other things like towels, blankets, bottled water and cleaning supplies can be helpful but just remember we can only use so much of that at one time.  The best donations for Single Vision are gift cards to Lowes and Home Depot as we spend the majority of our funds on growth and improvement at Single Vision.

Can You Please Share Our Fundraising Page?:

We are very sorry but we have made it a general policy to not share other people fundraising pages on the Single Vision page.  This is because we get this request often and if we did it for some we would have to do it for everyone.  We cannot always be asking our followers to donate money to other people.  We wish you the best of luck.

Tour Scheduling & Payments:

Our tours open up 60 days in advance, so if you are trying to schedule further out then that you will need to wait.

When you schedule a tour with a group of people you only need to select one date and time.  There is only one $50 non-refundable deposit for the entire group.

You can add people to your group without notifying us.

If you are going to be unable to make your tour, please let us know ASAP so we can open that spot to someone who is on the waiting list.

The remaining amounts will be paid at the time of your tour.  We prefer cash and checks as the credit card machine can be finicky, however we do accept cards as well.


Please email info@singlevisioninc.org with any requests from us.  Facebook is not a good tool as we get many questions on there daily and they can be hard to respond to or follow up on once they are looked at.

Tour Guidelines

We are pleased to offer the opportunity to interact with some of our animals in the hopes that we will generate a passion and interest for the plight of wild animals today.  By being able to meet and interact with them we hope you all will leave Single Vision excited about big cats and other endangered species and help spread the word. We provide a lifelong home for our animals and that requires funding.  Laws and regulations in the United States are changing and this could be your last opportunity to meet some of our planets most regal and incredible creatures.  We are excited to be able to offer that experience. To clarify, you can no longer meet or touch any big cats as of January 2023. We do however have other animals that are available to meet.


1) All participants and/or their guardians will be required to sign a liability waiver before interacting with any of the animals.

2) Listen to the rules told to you upon arrival and follow them when interacting with the animals and touring Single Vision, these are for your safety and the safety of the animals.

3) Please bring your own cameras as photos are welcome.

4) For the best experience please wear closed toed shoes and long pants.

5) The animals are the priority so if your group is causing stress to the animal we will end the session early.

6) Be on time or you lose tour time, there are many interactions scheduled and if you are late we will not penalize the next group.

7) We are concerned with the safety of all guests that interact with the animals, as well as the welfare and stress level of the animals. Please talk to your children about being calm around the animals and let the animals lead the interaction.

8) Tours are held rain or shine. Please dress appropriately.

9) We will require a deposit when you visit the website to schedule.  This deposit will be NON-REFUNDABLE!