Fury was born in 2008 and weighs about 75lbs. She is a long and lean panther. Her favorite activity is grooming Carl’s head. She also truly enjoys the opportunity to climb up some of the large pine trees we have out at Single Vision.



Mayhem was born in 2011 and weighs about 140lbs. He is a very muscular and handsome panther. Mayhem makes it a point to give a big hug and head butt to Carl every time he enters their enclosure. Their bond is just amazing. He can usually be found socializing with the girls during playtime.



Chaos was born in 2011 and weighs about 65lbs. She is all panther, as she is our best jumper. She loves to chase the lure during playtime and will leap to amazing heights to catch the end of the toy. She also has one of the classic panther features with a cowlick on her back. She came to us as a young adult. She was very scared and timid because she had various homes before we got a call to take her in. She quickly warmed up to Mayhem and Carl to become a great addition to the Single Vision family.