Binta – African Lioness (Panthera leo)

Binta is a goofy girl that is often sunbathing on her back or playing with all her toys.



Leo – African Lion (Panthera leo)

Leo was born in 2013 and when fully grown will weigh between 500-600lbs. He is an African lion. Leo will sport a full mane as an adult and seems to enjoy grooming himself to keep it looking nice. His mischievous side seems to tell him to destroy his food bowl when he is done eating. We think he wants to make sure there is nothing left to share. He truly enjoys sitting up very high and watching over Single Vision.


King – African Lion (Panthera leo)

Bio coming soon…


Timba & Vati – African Lions (Panthera leo)

This brother-sister duo are named after the Timbavati white lion population. This white coloration is caused by an autosomal recessive gene and can occur naturally in the wild. Timba & Vati like to spend their days play fighting and lounging in the shade.


Kalina – African Lioness (Panthera leo)

Bio coming soon…


Sahara & Sarabi – African Lioness Sisters (Panthera leo)

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Fedor & Safari – African Lions – Brother & Sister (Panthera leo)

Bios coming soon…