Nala was born in 2009 and weighs about 500lbs. She is an African lioness. In the heat of the day the only place you will find her is lying on her back with her feet up in the air trying to cool off. Nalas true personality comes out when you give her a soccer ball. She loves to play soccer and can move that 500lb body with more agility than you would expect.



Leo was born in 2013 and when fully grown will weigh between 500-600lbs. He is an African lion. Leo will sport a full mane as an adult and seems to enjoy grooming himself to keep it looking nice. His mischievous side seems to tell him to destroy his food bowl when he is done eating. We think he wants to make sure there is nothing left to share. He truly enjoys sitting up very high and watching over Single Vision.


Layla was born in 2014 and when fully grown will weigh between 400-500lbs. She is an African lioness. Layla is full of spunk and personality. She plays well with her smaller counterparts but is very excited to meet the older and bigger lions. She is a great addition to the lion pride at Single Vision.