Protecting Our Vanishing Wild

Single Vision is dedicated to the conservation of endangered species and educating the public on the need to preserve our Earth’s precious ecosystems.



Single Vision provides a happy and healthy environment that meets the animals’ physical and psychological needs by enriching their lives with daily interspecies play and human interaction.

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At Single Vision we are excited about wildlife. We only provide the best care and settle for nothing less for our exotic animals. We truly enjoy educating, even on the sad facts most exotic species face today.

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Single Vision is a safe, loving, forever home to animals in need. We are doing all we can spread awareness about the dire need to protect our vanishing wildlife and to preserve their precious habitats.

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Carl Bovard and Bruiser Bear

One Man. One Vision.

When he was 14 years old, Single Vision’s founder, Carl Bovard, lost his sight in an accident. It only came back in one eye, inspiring the name “Single Vision.” Carl founded one of the most interactive wildlife sanctuaries in the country and has truly dedicated his entire life to the care of these animals. We welcome you to come see their special bond.

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