-Tours available on Saturdays/Sundays

-Tours open up for booking on our website 60 days in advance.

-We will run two tours per time slot for the Incredible Exotic Animal Interactive Tour (please only book one for your group)

-We will have 4 slots open for the General Tour from 1pm-2pm

-If you have been around someone with COVID-19 or you have not been practicing social distancing, please do not come visit Single Vision. You will put the operations team and the animals at risk.

-If you are high risk for COVID-19, please wait for a better time to visit Single Vision.  We would not want anyone who visits to get sick.

-Please read everything below IMPORTANT below before your visit.

At this time we are scheduling tours on Saturdays and Sundays from 10am-1pm, but if you absolutely can’t do that please call us at 904-377-7993 and we will try to accommodate you. We have kids and adults of all ages visit Single Vision. The tour is about an hour long and full of exotic wildlife education. Depending on the children’s ages, there are some animals that you can feed and interact with. Photos are welcome and encouraged.  See below for your tour options. You can schedule a tour at the bottom of this page!

General Tours – Minimum Donation $25/adult and $10/child over the age of 3:

This is approximately a one-hour educational tour.  Carl or a Single Vision Volunteer will escort you around the grounds.  You will be taught about the various animals, their endangerment status, how they came to Single Vision, and some fun facts.  There will be no animal interaction with this tour.

Group Tours:

If you are a group of 25 or more people we can offer rates of $8 per child and $12 for adults.  This is only for the general tour.  Please call us to schedule large group tours at 904-377-7993.

Incredible Exotic Animal Interactive Tour – Minimum Donation $50/person:

Carl or a Single Vision Volunteer will escort you around the grounds.  You will be taught about the various animals, their endangerment status, how they came to Single Vision, and some fun facts.  These depend on availability of new wildlife and will change regularly, along with the pricing.  Interactions are always offered but can be dependent on an animals mood and the behavior of your group.  Please see each description for special pricing.  These tours will include everything in the General Interactive Tour as time allows (interacting with every animal will not be possible due to time.)

This allows you to enter certain enclosures, take photos with, pet and feed any of the following available wildlife: bobcats, caracals, servals, baby kinkajou, baby coatimundi and a variety of other wildlife.


When scheduling your tour you will be required to pay a $50 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit (tours are held rain or shine.)  The remaining donation amounts will be due at the time of your tour.  Please bring payment with you.  After scheduling you will receive a confirmation email from us with tour information and reminders!

If you are having difficulty scheduling online please email us the group size and the type of tour you want at info@singlevisioninc.org and we will get back to you.  Be sure to read the below information as well.

There are no public restrooms on site.  Please stop to use the restroom before you arrive.

Interaction Guidelines:

We are pleased to offer the rare opportunity to interact with some of our incredible animal ambassadors in the hopes that we will generate a passion and interest for the plight of wild animals today.  By being able to meet and interact with these animals we hope you all will leave Single Vision excited about big cats and other endangered species and help spread the word. We provide a lifelong homes for our animals and that requires funding.  We plan to build a very large enclosures at Single Vision and these interactions will assist in the funding of those.  Laws and regulations in the United States are changing and this could be your last opportunity to meet some of our planets most regal and incredible creatures.  We are excited to be able to offer that experience.

General Guidelines

  1. All participants and/or their guardians will be required to sign a liability waiver before interacting with any of the animals.
  2. Listen to the rules told to you upon arrival and follow them when interacting with the animals and touring Single Vision, these are for your safety and the safety of the animals.
  3. Please bring your own cameras as photos are welcome.
  4. For the best experience please wear closed toed shoes and long pants.
  5. The animals are the priority so if your group is causing stress to the animal we will end the session early.
  6. Be on time or you lose tour time, there are many interactions scheduled and if you are late we will not penalize the next group.
  7. We are concerned with the safety of all guests that interact with the animals, as well as the welfare and stress level of the animals.  Please talk to your children about being calm around the animals and let the animals lead the interaction.
  8. Please do not rely on google or GPS systems for directions to Single Vision.  Please use the directions from our website
  9. Tours will require a deposit when you schedule.  This deposit will be NON-REFUNDABLE!  Tours are held rain or shine.  Please dress appropriately.

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